Tried & Trusted

auiConsultants has been Tried & Trusted

by over 50 Organizations

Tried & Trusted

auiConsultants has been Tried & Trusted

by over 50 Organizations

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Head Customer Delivery – Finacle, South Asia at Infosys

It is indeed a rare privilege that Zeb is giving me to write a recommendation. I consider Zeb as my friend, philosopher and guide. The first session with him in Human Process Lab was an excellent experience for me that set me out on self transformation. I was amazed at his incisive and accurate analysis of people. His willingness to partner with his participants in their transformation journey, his humility and an excellent sense of humor makes every interaction a great joy. I am quite lucky to be counted among his friends, for I draw a lot of inspiration from him.


Hiren Doshi

Starting up

Zeb was the lead facilitator at one of the Leadership training courses I attended while at Infosys. The week long course was very unique in its design and helped understand one’s own deeper emotional character. Zeb’s facilitation style helped the sessions to be very interactive, open and productive. His interventions were just right and gave everyone the space needed in such sessions. I have chosen to retain contact with Zeb even now and his name often comes to my mind as a person to reach out to when I’m in a emotionally challenging situation in a professional setting


Ashok Kacker

Founder – Success Dynamixs, Executive Coach

I have known Zeb for the last six years. He has been conducting Human Process labs at Infosys and I have heard from many people that they were very satisfied. I have personally experienced him as a facilitator where I was a participant. Zeb is a true facilitator – bringing out the best in you and wanting to truly help you think through a situation. When he facilitates he gives it everything he has including total involvement – mentally and emotionally.

I have known Zeb outside his work as well. He is a person with a quiet demeanor wanting to make a difference to the society – and he has.

I live in Mysore and have always considered not knowing the local language as a handicap. Zeb has shown that when intentions are right you do not need words to convey them. The intentions speak their own language


Lobo, Stan
GM- Training at pepsiCo

Zeb is a great Trainer with indepth knowledge of the subject that he deals with. What makes him impactful is his peraonal touch to each participant in the program. He makes the content relevant and useful to each participant so that each person goes home with some very good learning.Most of all his is a great Human being – understand human dynamics and human mind very well- thats what makes him a great Trainer.


Karthik Nadig

Software Development Engineer at Microsoft

I have known Zeb for over a year. His ability to innovate, communicate and actuate, his ideas effectively, is beyond comparison. He is patient in his approach and he possesses the ability to guide you to find a solution.